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"Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint!”

"i am the spirit that always denies"
18 January 1972
these are just a few links i like to keep handy...

the jurist legal news & research
the current news for the public broadcasting industry
labour start "where trade unionists start their day on the net"

this american life - bbc radio 4 - lost & found sound - national public radio - sound portraits

thomas.gov - scotus blog - the supreme court of the united states
cornell university's legal information institute - the oyez project

beltway confidential with julie mason - princess sparkle pony
white house watch by dan froomkin - al kamen's in the loop

the city & county of san francisco
usgs recent earthquake map for the bay area - this week's sky at a glance

a safe place to land

obituaries from the guardian

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