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a story from a previous jubilee... - "Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint!” [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"i am the spirit that always denies"

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a story from a previous jubilee... [Jun. 4th, 2012|08:50 pm]
"i am the spirit that always denies"
Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee: Punk rock and the Queen
heard this episode of Witness as i walked home from work today.

in my teen years i considered myself quite an anglophile but specifically
didn't pay attention to things involving the contemporary royal family
(my contrary nature... hated all the princess diana stuff shoved in your
face) so i have no memory of ever reading anything about the silver jubilee.
that's despite the fact that 1977 was an especially interesting year to me
(many of my favorite albums came out that year).

all the uproar over this song finally makes sense now that i know it was
released the week before the queen's silver jubilee... thank you BBC!

am listening to the May 31st podcast of PRI's The World whilst typing this post.
and whadda ya know! one of the segments is about this very subject...

The Royal Jubilee, The Sex Pistols and Me by Patrick Cox

quite a coincidence!

[User Picture]From: benicek
2012-06-08 10:50 am (UTC)
On a barge right in front of parliament. Haha. 1977 was very exciting for little kids like me. We didn't quite understand what was going on but suddenly there there were flags and badges and parties in the street.
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